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  1. Louis B says:

    Just watched the first episode. Very informative and mind blowing.

  2. Aria Salavdor says:

    Watching one strange rock with my kids on Nat Geo France.
    So beautiful, so interesting, so instructive. Thank you for this documentary and thank you, Will Smith, perfect as always.

  3. Vicki Boardman says:

    Truly loving #OneStrangeRock on @NatGeoChannel! Exceptional, awe-inspiring images from @NatGeo & @DarrenAronofsky w the sense of wonder spectacularly conveyed by @Cmdr_Hadfield & other space station astronauts. Unbridled enthusiasm on fascinating topics – such a treat! ✨

  4. Muffled Stoat says:

    Bloody brilliant television. Amazing.

  5. Souzou Ako says:

    This is the Best show to come along since Cosmos (both versions) & Planet Earth. lots of fun and gorgeous to look at. Great format letting the astronauts POV come across. We only ever heard soundbites of interviews on what they see & how it makes them feel.

  6. Nancy says:

    Absolutely amazing and beautiful. One of the best series on our planet so far… I’m thoroughly enjoying this series. Puts everything into perspective. Awesome job.

  7. Rich G says:

    I’ve just seen the first episode so far but I am so hooked. It shows how everything that makes up nature is connected. People should watch and hopefully gain a better respect for this beautiful rock that sustains it and maybe we will treat it better.

  8. Emilie Johnson says:

    Absolutely phenomenal! I would love to somehow share this (and other films alike) to everyone around the world. When people actually see and experience the beauties of nature, we instantly feel connected to it. Only by caring and understanding can we protect and conserve our blue planet. A must-see for all ages

  9. Pete Megozzi says:

    We take so much for granted, each breath indeed! This show made me fall in love with our beautiful blue dot all over again! Thank you, thank you, thank you! May we all evolve, rid ourselves out the pettiness in this world, and be inspired, fascinated, and in love with our one and only home… EARTH!

  10. Chris says:

    Really changes the way you look at the earth and life in general

  11. lovescience says:

    This show is wonderful! Will Smith narration is a great choice (go Eagles!). The astoraughts are auesome too. Graphics are beautiful. Love that people still care about our environment

  12. ColoradoOdie says:

    I just watched the first episode, and I’m hooked! The images are beautiful, and I have learned things that I never knew before. Finally, the way the information is put together and presented is done so well that it is easy to understand. Thank you so much for this wonderful and educational show!

  13. Bonnie says:

    The most incredible, educational trip across the planet and above the planet that I never thought was possible. I now have such an appreciation for places I will never see in my life. We live in such small circles and this series brings us to the most beautiful and incredible destinations. The living organisms, the architecture, the nature…..just spectacular. I’ve learned more in just 10 episodes than I have in 43 years of life. The astronauts have the most amazing personalities and have unending knowledge. I’m writing this as I’m watching and i can’t focus. I don’t know how they managed to get all the videos from all these countries and continents, but OMG. You MUST watch if you haven’t already. Congratulations on this hopefully award winning series.

  14. Peter Smyth says:

    I love the series. Very thought provoking and great graphics. The question I have concerns the episode on our relationship with the sun. When talking about the effects of CO2 on our planet, no mention was made of the fact that plant life uses CO2 to grow. While I agree that we need to stop the artificial introduction of CO2 into the atmosphere, it is also true that increases in CO2 levels have increased plant growth. The political side of this, to me, is a separate discussion. What I don’t understand is how the effects of CO2 on plant life wasn’t even mentioned. It seemed to me as though CO2 was treated as a pollutant.

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